When Chasing Passion 

Just when you are chasing passion don’t forget the little things that matter. For instance, enjoying your surroundings, creating real relationships with your local creatives that are just like you, or smiling and being excited about just life in general. You are here now so make your statement and keep creating, keep building relationships, and keep chasing your passion no matter what.

Watch it here on my Vlog: When Chasing Passion 

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Passion Drives Me To do Great Things 

Why Fashion Photography and Weddings Photography? I fell in love with Wedding Planner played by @jlo and I knew I was hooked. I must of watch that movie over 100 times with a combination of a tv series Charmed. Charmed and Buffy @sarahmgellar is where I got my fashion crave. Also foremost, with my Dad who is a fashionista himself. Oh, brining back the old memories as to why I am who I am today. Gotta keep striving and keep believing in me if not who will? Can’t wait to show y’all my up coming projects! Stay tuned. Photo by @projectoneshot_x with me here at the old set where they filmed Wedding Planner. 

2017 Monday Inspirations 

Monday got me like boom in my #boyfriendjeans working on my check list goals for 2017. Keep working towards your dream cuz it ain’t gonna just arrive, you gotta work towards it. I learned and still learning to always be prepared when it knocks on your door. 

 Keys to my crazy day is to log them down on my phone calander and alert me when it’s time to focus on that specific goal. Goals? Well I try and write them down every Sunday and review them everynight and ask my self what are my top three musts? Next step…excecute. 

Oh being comfortable and stylish is a must in my calander, heck you only live once might as well express yourself however you are feeling that day. For me a pair of boyfriend jeans and some cute cheetah pumps will do the job✌🏻️. Oh don’t forget about the shades to protect thoes artists eyes. Until the next post! Stay Safe & Fab++