Celebrating Der


Check out Glamour shoot with Der. Celebrating being a wonderful Mom, Wife, and Sister. Celebrating Der.

Haven’t you ever wanted to look and feel like a super model? Or ever look like the girls in the magazines?

Call or book a consultation at http://deeherphoto.com/html_contact.cfm?menu_itemID=477200&load=html

for you YOUTUBE users you can view video here: http://youtu.be/Jn-Ws_qsikE

7 thoughts on “Celebrating Der

  1. Women all over deserves this treatment! We sacrifice so much of our time and energy to our loved ones and we forget us sometimes. Launching glamour brand into my business is the best thing I can ever do for us women.

  2. Dee! I love your work! It’s beautiful! I would like you to be my photographer for “my wedding”…….that’s if it ever happens 🙂

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