How Does Fashion Make You Feel?

How Does Fashion Make You Feel?

Playing dress up, my trustee model Sony has put this outfit together straight out from my closet. Do you have a little sister or someone that loves digging in your closet? My sisters always says I have everything in my closet, but I see it as a collection of what I am inspired by. I collect pieces that I can incorporate with what I already have. I always tell my friends and in-laws that I was never this fortunate growing up. I could only dream of these outfits growing up. Everything I got was either donated or my parents found them in a dumpster for us, yes dumpster. I did not have my own full bought outfits until I was 18. When I can go to work and had a little extra to spend on clothes I was the happiest because fashion gave me an out to express my self. My style? Definitely a mixture of chic, classy, and retro. Now that I remember my husband bought me my very first outfit! Love a man who understands a women and their fascination with fashion. I am very grateful for everything I earn or receive. Fashion makes me feel powerful, fun, and chic!

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