Beauty Lies Within

Beauty Lies Within

Only the most loved person in the world besides your loved ones is yourself. One must take care oneself in order to fully appreciate a love for another. I always heard or read, you must take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. It is best when Susan Orman a finical adviser says it. I couldn’t agree more. Yeng is a special person, she love and adore her sister in-law as they help one another through tough and good times. Here they celebrate a girls day out to embrace their strength, love, and courage to have come this far being themselves. There is no better way to celebrate you than a nice get away on a girls day out! Here they are as glamorous as they can be! Enjoy.

2013-12-07_00012013-12-07_00082013-12-07_00062013-12-07_0007 Thank you Yeng and Mai you guys deserve today and every day as you both celebrate being a glamorous women! Don’t forget to pump your eyelashes, a gal gotta have what she gotta have! ^_~

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