Loving My Boys

Loving My Boys

A mom who works and cares for her son, she is strong and glamorous. Its never easy when you have to take care of business and run a full house of boys. I can relate. No nail polishes, playtime with hair or makeup. It’s jumping in the air, punches and rolling with their neighbors, dirt and all kinds of mess that comes with having a house full of boys. But we love them just as much. For today she gets to see how handsome her boys have grown to become. Life brings us many challenges daily but its moments like this that will last for a life time. Capturing it is the key! In the end it’s the small details that matters most in our busy life. Live, Laugh, Love!

DeeHerPhoto_0147 DeeHerPhoto_0146 DeeHerPhoto_0145And lets not forget Maiya! Gotta take care of mama too! She is so radiant here.


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