The New Fabulous is You


Tess still fabulous and fierce as ever. She is a Mom and a full time Photographer; she got her chance at being in front of the camera flaunting her fun and flirty side. Working night and day you sometimes forget that the most important part is you. Taking good care of your self is the biggest part in feeling happy and beautiful. To all my Photog Divas remember to stay true to who you are and pamper yourself, you guys deserve it for all those hard hours of work you do making others feel glamorous. Tess is working her personality here in a fierce VOGUE theme and also having fun with her shoot. What will your personality shoot look like? Share!! I’ll love to hear it, who knows you might get selected for a photo shoot done by me!



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make up by: Shi @

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2 thoughts on “The New Fabulous is You

  1. Thanks for the super fun session Dee and all your creative work! You did a great job capturing my personality and creating some unique looks especially with my big hat! It was really relaxing and fun being on the other side of the camera. I’m ready for round two!!

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