Sharing with you guys the one biggest thing I collect most in my life which is jackets, yes jackets. It’s so embarrassing, but I have one whole rack full of outerwear color coordinated in my closet. I do try to filter them out if I haven’t worn them for over 2-3years. I know the rule is 1year but it’s hard to give them away trust me; I feel this weird attachment to them like as if they are going to come back in style. Don’t you just hate that when you get this feeling with clothes? Fashion comes and goes and sometimes they come right back. I like this one phrase that I saw on Pinterest, “Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it.” Therefore, I put my own twist to it. So my jacket series will allow me to show you guys what jackets I have and collect along the way. Here is a few that needed to be aired out of my closet. Welcome to my Jacket Series!

For spring, it can be crazy down here in the south as the weather can be cold or hot. With this oversize blue plaid blazer, I paired it with a cute sleeveless blue blouse and a pencil skirt. Depending on how cold it can get, I also wore black leggings. Ankle boots or wedge heels would go great with this outfit.


One element that I look for also is textured fabrics that can give your outfit a bit of dimension when pairing with something breezy like my dress or something silky. I love tweed jackets, it is a must have in a ladies closet as it gives you a bit of class and feminine touch.


You can’t go wrong with J.Crew as the jacket gives me a very detective feel. I love the neck line as it pops up and hides my neck; it even covers half my face for those cold spring mornings. I found this lucky boy with its original tags still attached at my local good will for only $5, I know right?





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