To Live a Life of Happiness

To Live a Life of Happiness

A beautiful friendship becomes something that is more than just that; love. They were introduced to one another by mutual friends but shortly they were destine to be with one another. Sometimes the right time is all that you need. Looking for love is never the answer, you should always love no matter how big or small it can be. Love starts from within and because love is contagious you will surround yourself with it; eventually you’ll attract just who you were meant to be with. To live a life of happiness is to love. Congrats ANNA & JARRET!! A special thanks to my wonderful brother Alex by trustee assistant!

For those who attend that like to order their own images please click link below for full wedding images and email me at for your PASSWORD  link to view and order:

DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1080 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1065DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1073 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1071 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1072DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1069 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1068 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1070 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1066 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1067DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1064 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1074

DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1078DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1079 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1077 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1076DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1090 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1089 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1088 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1094 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1091 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1087DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_0903 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_0897 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1093 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_0901 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_0911 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_0906 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_0805DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_0929 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1081 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1075 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1082 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1085 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1084 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1083 DeeHerPhotographyANNA JARRET_1063

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