Another Jacket Series!!! I feel like sometimes jackets can bring out another side of you. They make me feel like I can bring out my alter egos which is how this jacket makes me feel. Try it, go to your closet and find pieces that inspires you to rock out your inner freak, or simply glam side. Here is one great example of a jacket that I posted a while back. This was a jacket that I found at a local thrift shop layered with a sexy slip dress. This is my lovely sister who is rocking this jacket out, she is amazing. Clothes has a way of making you feel, well sexy! Its how you rock it and Hun rock it with confidence. I call this jacket series, punk glam with an edge.   DeeHer Photography_0043 DeeHer Photography_0040 DeeHer Photography_0047 DeeHer Photography_0045 DeeHer Photography_0046

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