Feeling Fabulous

It is always nice to feel radiant in your own skin and feeling like you can conquer anything that gets in your way. Fashion is just not for makeup and clothes, but your skin as well. A women should feel beautiful inside and out. See Christine rock her freckles like no other! Christine is a beautiful single Mom who works hard for her lovely daughter Nicole. Nicole is her light and her air, they are more like buddies conquering the world together. They will be in Hawaii getting their sun tan on and yes, I will be here so wishing that I am going too. Take me with you Christine!!! I wish that I can just fly to where ever I want don’t you? Hawaii I will see you soon for sure. My little man Travis loves her so much, Christine just has a way with shining her lovely light around who she is with. So happy we got this lovely glam shoot for her. Enjoy Christine as she rocks being free, sexy, and FABULOUS!!!

DeeHer Photography_0081 DeeHer Photography_0265 DeeHer Photography_0263

DeeHer Photography_0120 DeeHer Photography_0262 DeeHer Photography_0264 DeeHer Photography_0261 DeeHer Photography_0138 DeeHer Photography_0243 DeeHer Photography_0266 DeeHer Photography_0267 DeeHer Photography_0268

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