Living and Believe Like No One’s Watching

There is nothing greater in life than to find out that the only person who loves you is in front of the mirror staring right at you. To have courage, determination, light, and love in your life you gotta believe in all that you can do. No matter the ups and downs of life, you only got this one chance to live it the way you want to so why sacrifice so much to being normal. There is no such thing as normal just what you make of life. It’s your life’s story, you make it fearless! Tracy, she is a caring person, beautiful inside and out, she is strong, a great entrepreneur, but she needed to see it for herself that she is a phenomenal woman. Live and believe like no one’s watching.

Check out her site at:


Hair & Makeup by Sheena Steele :

IMG_1024DeeHerPhotography (150 of 152) Hair and Necklace Fixup
DeeHerPhotography (8 of 152)
 DeeHerPhotography (138 of 152)l DeeHerPhotography (107 of 152) IMG_0402

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