Sometimes its great to draw inspiration from this hot summer. I love the sun rays coming through the trees and the bright colors of summer #PINK especially. The sun set so beautifully during the summer and it creates such a magnificent orange and pink sky. I am working on another project of my own and I hope that it comes out successfully but I know that there is going to be some ups and down, but I know that I am very grateful and learning so much along the way. I am calling it #pinkProject keep checking as I will reveal how everything goes. Besides its about the journey not the destination. Keep at it ya’ll, we will get there sooner than we think.

Instagram: @dherphoto
DeeHerPhotography (1 of 1)-6

Summer fave: stripes, white, pink, & work out and keep fit. DeeHerPhotography (1 of 1) DeeHerPhotography (1 of 2)

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