Lets Take an Adventure

One morning Chris went to have a cute brunch with Nikki’s Dad and secretly ask him for his daughters hand in marriage and promising her the world and love. As Chris was prepping a wonderful getaway trip to Disney Land, he had already made plans to pop the big question. As Nikki was getting her cute nails done preferably red nails with black polkadots and topping it off with a black bow to resemble Minnie Mouse (yes I did her nails lol). She was ecstatic and can’t wait for a nice weekend getaway with her man. During the last days of their trip the night skies were filled with dark blue colors, and glistering stars with beautiful magical castles lit all around them. At that moment he got down with one knee and propose to Nikki. Nikki said, “YES!” She couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life with Chris. I can’t wait to see their journey unfold. Just when you go along with life and filtering out all the negative parts in your path, god has a funny way of sending you the right person into your life when you least expect it. Love these two couple. Congratulations Chris and Nikki!!! 2017-03-02_00312017-03-02_00372017-03-02_00382017-03-02_00392017-03-02_00402017-03-02_00412017-03-02_00422017-03-02_00432017-03-02_00452017-03-02_00462017-03-02_0047fullsizerender

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