Bridal, Dresses, Fashion Oh My!

IMG_6154 IMG_6170

Love it when you support your fellow local small businesses as they are the back bone of America. It is always great when you collaborate and enjoy the company of your friends, and watch them struck that runway. Enjoyed an awesome time with my models in a bridal fashion show! Model Sheena Steele and Candice made those dresses shine on the runway. Get em brides!

Getting Back to Basics

A little journey that I am taking with education. I have joined a few courses on financial education to help me better my knowledge on finance. I believe a healthy relationship with money is so very important in anyone’s life. Growth is about patience and taking baby steps to achieving your dreams. I have big wild dreams that involves helping others and also providing me time to do Art. I love photography and it is my passion. I am also tackling a new project with one of my family member. I will reveal it in due time. Patience is key. I can’t wait to share what I have been working on. Yes, it does deal with photos, but also business.



Live Life Now

Continuing my journey in playing the game. I am ready and moving towards a better and brighter future. It starts with getting rid of your own excuses. God gave you a compass so follow it. Love this video by Preston Smiles, hope it moves you towards your dreams.